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  • The Link Between Eating Disorders And Mental Health

    An eating disorder affects as many as 30 million people in the US. But it is only when the illness has progressed past a certain point do patients seek and get the help they need. Too little, we realize that eating disorders are complex mental health problems that take a heavy psychological and emotional toll…

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  • Talking To Your Family About Your Eating Disorder

    Eating Disorder is a sensitive topic. Most people diagnosed with this find it difficult to strike a conversation about what they’re going through. They fear that when they open up, they may receive judgments from their friends and family. However, hiding your eating disorder may worsen your mental and physical health. It is crucial to…

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  • How Attending An Eating Disorder Conference Could Help You

    Experts gathered together in the 2019 Eating Disorder Conference held at Drumlins, Syracuse New York last October. The conference featured various topics that gave its audience a better understanding of eating disorders and how to deal with it appropriately. But why would you want to pay for the registration and attend an entire day of…

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  • Why Lockdown Is Good For Binge Eaters

    I am a former binge eater. I was diagnosed with this eating disorder at 15 years old. I used to be able to down three 2-L bottles of root beer and five party-sized pizzas in one sitting. My parents thought at first that I was just too hungry after coming home from softball practice. However,…

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  • Early Signs Of Eating Disorders In Children

    The Type of Eating Disorder Conference 2019 cultivates the continued development and training for future eating disorder clinicians and researchers. It aims to spark more in-depth discussion and reflection on the subject of eating disorders in the next generation. Information regarding eating disorders is essential as identifying early symptoms can lead to early treatment—especially when…

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  • People With Eating Disorders Need Immediate Help

    My sister dragged me to the 2017 Eating Disorder Conference, and it was a turning point in my life. She is an eating disorder specialist, and I wanted to be a therapist, as well. I just did not know what field I wanted to be in at that time, and so she booked me a…

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  • How to Overcome Pica Eating Disorder

    The 2018 Sedona Health and Nutrition Conference was held for health care providers to discuss and identify general and specific approaches to the incorporation of nutritional intervention in medical practice. The conference aims to recognize the links between dietary choices and illnesses, such as eating disorders. Source: In the case of the less recognized…

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