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  • How An Eating Disorder Can Affect Your Amorous Relationship

    When you love someone, you can accept him regardless of the imperfections. You do not blame or judge them for it, unlike other people. At times, you may even find their flaws adorable and unique. 

    However, what may happen if the imperfection that the person you are in a relationship with carries is an eating disorder? 


    1. The Ill One May Be Unwilling To Attend Social Functions 

    Eating disorders come in a wide array of forms. While some tend to overeat, others merely have to swallow a bite or two before they feel the need to toss the food back up and out of their system. 

    Considering your partner is dealing with either condition, the fear that the illness will be put on display may discourage them from going to social gatherings. That is still okay if you are randomly dating, but it may ignite a fight between you two at some point since it implies that the eating disorder remains uncontrollable. 

    1. It Might Cause Miscommunication

    One way a healthy person can react after realizing that you have an eating disorder is making sure that they will not bother you during your recovery process. There are fewer questions about what you are going through, and the individual may act as if you do not have the illness at all to stop you from feeling awkward about it. 

    Although those are well-meaning thoughts, the lack of self-esteem may enable you to think that your partner is not asking anything because they do not care. However, with that in mind, you cannot fathom that the stress that emanates from such an assumption is enough to worsen the disease. It can, in fact, enable your significant other to drift off too if you continue assuming like that instead of communicating with him directly.  

    1. Old Issues May Re-Surface

    Learning about the disorder may cause the fellow without a medical condition to bring forth many questions regarding the past. For instance, why did you end up in that situation? Who or what forced you to resort …

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  • Top Reasons Why You Are Binge Eating



    Binge Eating Disorder (BED) refers to eating vast amounts of food, without feeling hungry, to forget and drown out emotions. The person then feels shame and guilt after engaging in this act. So, what drives a person to binge eat? This disorder comes from a complex combination of several factors, be it sociocultural, genetic, or psychological. Let us explore these causes one by one.


    Almost 50% of individuals who binge eat have depression. However, experts are not yet sure whether binge eating causes depression or the other way around. Nevertheless, depressed people most likely came from a stressful life event, such as the death of a family member or physical and emotional abuse. Feeling the emotions brought about by the trauma leads them to overeat and wallow in pity.




    There are two ways to acquire BED from the family—either through the genes or lifestyle. Approximately 90% of those diagnosed with BED get it genetically through a parent with the same condition. Professionals say that neurobiological components occur inside the body. This activity leads to these individuals losing control of their eating behaviors.

    Your parents’ genes might also increase the sensitivity of dopamine, a hormone responsible for stirring pleasure after a reward. Hence, you’ll feel more attracted to the idea of binge eating being your prize.

    Having BED also depends on your family’s behavior. Remember, the habits you observe from your family or other people close to you will most likely influence the way you eat. If you see that your dad or mom overeat often, the tendency is that you’ll see this as acceptable behavior.

    Extreme Dieting

    Implementing your diet process in the wrong way may lead to binge eating. It happens whenever individuals follow improper diets like eating too little or skipping several meals. The more you practice these, the more you’ll feel hungry all the time, and this can lead to the possibility of binge eating.

    On the other hand, people also acquire BED due to expectations. If they do …

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  • Self-Help Practices During Recovery From Eating Disorders



    Enlisting the help of a professional or even of your family, friends, and relatives is indeed the best treatment for eating disorders. You are one step towards your goal. But recovery will not always be successful if you do not in any way cooperate with your healing.

    As doctors and psychiatrists would say, your utmost cooperation will be the best treatment. What they are all referring to is self-help. Just because you are suffering does not mean that you cannot help yourself as well. It may seem contradictory, but there are lots of ways that you can have self-care.

    Don’t worry! We will take this step by step. We’ll start with the easiest:

    Treat Yourself



    It is time you stop beating yourself up! You are beautiful whatever you look like. Let go of the negative emotions slowly. Do this until you see the positive aspects of things more than that of the negative.

    Ask yourself what you want at the moment. List those down and try to get or do whatever you can right now from the list. Pamper yourself. Wear any clothes that you like. Adore yourself in the mirror and avoid any comparison.

    Put Yourself First This Time

    Stop blaming yourself. Stop overthinking what other people would say. Doing this will just hurt you and will turn the treatments in vain. Every time you are going to do something, ask yourself about your intentions. Are you putting others above you? If yes, think again and choose yourself this time around.

    Do not worry about the costs incurred for this time as well. We all know that treatment and recovery may be expensive. But always remember that you are worth it. Your future will become more meaningful now that you have admitted that you need more help. Do not let simple money worries get in the way of your full recovery.

    Let Go Of The Stigma

    The stigma of getting professional help is so over. Celebrities, social media influencers, and most people are not that …

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  • Identifying Eating Disorders Before They Happen



    A person suffering from an eating disorder builds an unhealthy relationship with food. They tend to eat more than what is necessary or less of what is required to nourish the body. It is a severe medical problem that can be detected and treated more quickly in the early stages. If not appropriately addressed, it can lead to detrimental long-term health consequences or mortality.

    Eating disorders do not occur in one kind of person only. A person of any age, gender, race, size, or social status can experience having an eating disorder at any point in their life. Experts have yet to identify the exact reasons behind the occurrence of eating disorders.

    Experts assess particular symptoms that can be a manifestation of the disorder. It manifests itself in physical, behavioral, and psychological symptoms. However, these signs should not be ticked off one by one like a checklist to diagnose a disorder. A person diagnosed with an eating disorder can either possess one symptom or a combination.

    Physical Symptoms



    Physical signs hinting eating disorders may include bodily changes in the patient’s body. Aside from the significant, frequent weight gain or loss, other symptoms may include dizziness, lethargy, and low energy. People with this disorder also have chronic tiredness and cannot sleep well. Even during warm weather, they feel cold most of the time. In females, they may experience irregular menstruation flow while men have decreased libido.

    Psychological Symptoms

    It is challenging to detect psychological symptoms in anybody suffering from an eating disorder. Usually, these warning signs manifest in the patients’ behaviors and daily conversations.

    Patients suffering from eating disorders have a preoccupation or obsession with food and weight. They perceive food to be only either good or bad.

    For some people, they use food as sources of comfort and eat their feelings, stress, boredom, and depression away. Other people use food as a punishment and refuse to eat due to emotional reasons such as stress. People with eating disorders also develop severe anxiety and …

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  • How Social Media Contribute To An Eating Disorder Called Orthorexia



    Paleo, keto, detoxing juices—you might have encountered these diet trends if you’re always on social media. Perhaps a close friend is embarking on his or her weight loss journey. Or maybe a celebrity you’re following has a video series on how to achieve his or her flawless body. Not everyone is undergoing a new wellness regimen, but the Internet can make it seem so. Consequently, you might feel left behind.

    These latest trends can pressure many people to change their diet drastically without seeking professional help. Thus, dietitians and nutritionists worry they may see a rise in cases of an obscure eating disorder called orthorexia nervosa.

    Orthorexia: Definition And Symptoms



    Orthorexia involves an obsession with “clean eating” or consuming whole foods instead of processed ones. Similar to anorexia nervosa (obsession with losing weight), it entails restricting the intake of “unhealthy” nutrients such as fat, sugar, and carbohydrates. The National Eating Disorders Association coined the term in 1998. However, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) has yet to recognize it as an official diagnosis.

    Diet changes that may hint at orthorexia include the following:

    • Compulsive checking of a food’s nutrition facts and ingredients
    • Refusal to eat “impure” foods such as dairy or animal products
    • Neurotic interest in what other people are eating
    • Fear of eating meals prepared by other people
    • Feeling distressed when “clean” foods are not available
    • Obsessive following of food blogs and posts on social media

    If left unchecked, orthorexia can lower one’s metabolism, damaging the heart, brain, and digestive system. It can also cause dry skin, hair fall, and weakness of the body.

    Social Media And Orthorexia



    Orthorexia is the product of the Internet age. A study by University College London in 2017 found that the healthy eating craze on Instagram contributes to the disorder. The more you browse your IG feed, the more symptoms of orthorexia you display.

    Advertising also influences our physical and psychological well-being. Every day, we see content that glorifies a particular body …

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  • Recognizing Eating Disorders Among Teens – Therapists Warn Us Of The Danger

    You might think that eating disorders are just happening in adults, but it is also common for teens to develop this. There has been a great influence on teens wherein they need to be in a certain weight or a particular body shape just to fit in. Mostly in girls, they have been pressured to fit in and look for ways to get the body they want. Therapists and other mental health experts say this is becoming a mental health issue and can be very dangerous.…

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  • Is Dherbs Cleanse Worth Your Time When You’re Trying To Be Healthier Than Ever?

    A psychologist friend of mine and I were having a chat in my living room one day, and she was asking how I was feeling. Though I had an eating disorder way before she got her license as a mental health professional, it was no secret to her how much struggle I went through during my binge-eating days. In all honesty, I have been feeling better than ever, and so that’s what I have told her. Then, our discussion turned to ‘cleansing.’ In particular, the Dherbs cleanse.

    What Is Dherbs Cleanse?

    In contrast to what people may initially think after hearing the word ‘cleansing,’ it does not refer to the use of sage or other natural stuff that shamans light up to clear evil spirits or bad luck off of a person. Upon visiting the Dherbs website, I have found out that the company has more or less 24 supplements, which are available for men, women, and children. Such solutions are meant to bring longevity back to nerves and specific internal organs, promote weight loss, increase sexual drive, and strengthen the immune system.

    Dherbs cleanses are herbal remedies in liquid or capsule forms. Every cleansing process can take less than a month as a whole, although the duration still depends on what part of your anatomy you wish to make healthier. If you are aiming to cleanse your blood, colon, heart, liver, and kidney, for instance, you only have to ingest the supplements within ten days. However, to revitalize your nervous, circulatory, respiratory, or reproductive systems, 20 days should be allotted for them.

    What Is The Most Popular Cleanse Right Now?

    We went on Dherbs’s Facebook account as well, and there are a lot of positive reviews that they have received from the consumers. The product that most of the individuals are singing praises to – and is what seems to be the most appealing is the Full Body Cleanse. As the name suggests, it can target all the critical points of the body and escalate someone’s vitality in …

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  • Healthy Honey And Cinnamon Recipes That You Might Love

    If you have been going to a therapist’s clinic for some time now to treat an eating disorder, it is highly possible that you are starting to get sick of the routine.

    Counselors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable people – there is no doubt about that. However, getting reminded every single time that your health is still not in tiptop shape can be exhausting. If we are honest, the level of stress coming from that usually leads some patients to revert to their bad eating habits.

    Despite that, we should also remember that good health is not solely for those who can afford insurance or stay at the gym for a few hours a day. People from all walks of life can attain it since you need no medicine, vitamins or supplements to make it happen. And, yes, even the individuals who used to or still have a love-hate relationship with food can eat healthily as well on their own. You only need two essential ingredients: honey and cinnamon.

    Benefits Of Using Honey And Cinnamon

    The primary advantage of making something out of honey and cinnamon is that these ingredients are natural sources of vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that promote good health.

    Raw honey, to be specific, is capable of keeping allergies at bay, preventing malignant and cardiovascular diseases, and suppressing cough. Some people believe that eating one spoonful of it every day, especially when you are feeling well, can cause your illness to go away. Aside from that, it is known for being able to enhance memory and boost a person’s overall immune system.

    Meanwhile, cinnamon is a spice that you might have been using to create rolls or pies during special occasions at home. The reality, however, is that it does not only make your dish aromatic. It can also help you regulate your blood flow and lessen gastrointestinal disorders (if you have any). Furthermore, consuming cinnamon is supposed to lighten your skin and aid you in your weight-loss journey.

    What Is The Best Way To Utilize

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  • Manage Your Health Without Needing Online Counselling With Corn Coffee

    One of the typical reasons why people develop an eating disorder and later need online counseling is their weight issues. Some individuals who have been overweight most of their life, after all, tend to experience bullying. Since they cannot curb their appetite the natural way, they end up either starving themselves or developing purging characteristics – e.g., over-exercising or puking – in hopes of losing fats.

    The thing is, an eating disorder is among the mental health conditions that can go on for months or years without the patients’ loved ones noticing their symptoms. It is not difficult for them to claim that they have already eaten on the way home or they are following a strict diet plan. Unless the troubled folks open up about it, no one else may know that someone close to them is suffering from such a disorder.

    How To Help Yourself?

    Coffee is undoubtedly a common beverage that men and women prefer to have before the day begins. There have been researches conducted which present the possibility of prolonging the human life span and boosting mental health by consuming caffeinated drinks often. However, some studies have gathered as well that caffeine can generate disadvantageous results, such as an increase in indigestion and excretion of elements like magnesium and calcium, which make you more prone to having kidney stones. Due to such pros and cons, the producers have come up with a “coffee in a corn.”

    What Is It?

    The beverage is practically coffee that’s made out of corn kernels or grits. The manufacturers dry the latter before roasting and pulverizing them. Many people like to drink it as a replacement for the regular espressos that originate from coffee beans since it is already de-caffeinated. Meaning to say, you can consume it without being unable to sleep at night or increasing your risk of having high blood pressure.

    Special Advantages Of Drinking Corn Coffee

    Same Taste, Different Medicinal Values

    Despite the publication of various news articles about the health hazards of always sipping regular coffee, …

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