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  • How To Help Your Partner Heal From Bulimia

    Have you ever considered what it might be like to deal with bulimia nervosa? You feel the need to step on the scales practically every day. Achieving size 0 does not satisfy you – in fact, you might often try to have a smaller measurement than that if it is possible. An increase in your…

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  • How An Eating Disorder Can Affect Your Amorous Relationship

    When you love someone, you can accept him regardless of the imperfections. You do not blame or judge them for it, unlike other people. At times, you may even find their flaws adorable and unique.  However, what may happen if the imperfection that the person you are in a relationship with carries is an eating disorder?   No one…

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  • Top Reasons Why You Are Binge Eating

    Source: Binge Eating Disorder (BED) refers to eating vast amounts of food, without feeling hungry, to forget and drown out emotions. The person then feels shame and guilt after engaging in this act. So, what drives a person to binge eat? This disorder comes from a complex combination of several factors, be it sociocultural,…

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  • Self-Help Practices During Recovery From Eating Disorders

    Source: It seems to be the “perfect storm” for binge eating to rear its ugly head and demand more of your attention. — Danielle Swimm LCPC Enlisting the help of a professional or even of your family, friends, and relatives is indeed the best treatment for eating disorders. You are one step towards your goal….

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  • Identifying Eating Disorders Before They Happen

    Source: A person suffering from an eating disorder builds an unhealthy relationship with food. They tend to eat more than what is necessary or less of what is required to nourish the body. It is a severe medical problem that can be detected and treated more quickly in the early stages. If not appropriately…

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  • How Social Media Contribute To An Eating Disorder Called Orthorexia

    Source:   The basis of the overwhelming majority of diets is to restrict one or more types of food or ingredients in food in order to achieve the goal – the promise of permanent weight loss, improved health and ah yes, happiness. — Judy Scheel Ph.D., L.C.S.W., CEDS Paleo, keto, detoxing juices—you might have encountered…

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