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Mental Health & Eating Disorders

  • How An Eating Disorder Can Affect Your Amorous Relationship

    When you love someone, you can accept him regardless of the imperfections. You do not blame or judge them for it, unlike other people. At times, you may even find their flaws adorable and unique.  However, what may happen if the imperfection that the person you are in a relationship with carries is an eating disorder?   No one…

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  • The Relation Of Bulimia And Panic Attacks 

    You feel exhausted and unable to stop, yet each time you tell yourself that it will be the last one. Afterwards, you feel disgusting and ashamed. — Jennifer Rollin MSW, LCSW-C Most people always find things they do not like about their bodies. Hence, they still look for ways to improve their physical appearance through…

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  • If In Doubt Shout

    Eating disorders can take a severe toll on both health, relationships, and the more quickly they are treated the more effective the treatment, and the less physical damage will be caused. The first step in seeking help is to acknowledge that you have a problem. Treatment of eating disorders always starts with a visit to…

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  • Eating Disorder And Depression

    The causes of eating disorders are complex and not fully understood. Anxiety, depression, and eating disorders all have their roots in negative feelings of self-worth so it is hardly surprising that there is a strong link between them. When you become obsessed with your diet and eating habits, your emotions begin to hinge on that…

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  • Challenges In Overcoming Eating Disorders And How To Beat Them

    When a loved one or dear friend is hiding or lying about self-destructive behavior, it often feels like we need to take action immediately. Even if it means destroying or disrupting a relationship. — F. Diane Barth L.C.S.W. Overcoming eating disorders is very demanding. It needs the willingness of the person to change and their cooperation…

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  • The Psychology Behind Anorexia Nervosa

    Anorexia nervosa is a multi-factorial mental disorder that affects mostly women. This means that it is caused by many interrelated factors and in many instances, there is no single factor to link to disorder. Whatever is the cause, the concern of the individual is to attain an “acceptable” body figure by aggressive means up to…

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  • The Relationship Between Depression And Eating Disorders

      What is Depression?   Depression is most simply defined as feeling sad with little to no change in mood for at least weeks at a time. Common symptoms include the following: extreme sadness losing interest in things that one enjoyed in the past feeling tired change in eating and sleeping patterns feeling worthless In…

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  • How to Acknowledge an Eating Disorder

    Diagnosis: Physical Exam The most common physiological symptoms of eating disorders include, but aren’t necessarily limited to, high/low blood pressure, slow breathing and pulse rates, dry skin or hair, and brittle nails. All of these symptoms, tooth decay, heart irregularities, and extreme dehydration (the most tell tale sign of bulimia), are typical indications of bulimia….

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  • How to Help a Loved One with an Eating Disorder

      People commonly misperceive that individuals with eating disorders are “vain” or that eating disorders are all about wanting to look thin like models in the magazines. However, the reality is that eating disorders are caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. — Jennifer Rollin MSW, LCSW-C Recognizing the Signs If you think…

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