Manage Your Health Without Needing Online Counselling With Corn Coffee


One of the typical reasons why people develop an eating disorder and later need online counseling is their weight issues. Some individuals who have been overweight most of their life, after all, tend to experience bullying. Since they cannot curb their appetite the natural way, they end up either starving themselves or developing purging characteristics – e.g., over-exercising or puking – in hopes of losing fats.

The thing is, an eating disorder is among the mental health conditions that can go on for months or years without the patients’ loved ones noticing their symptoms. It is not difficult for them to claim that they have already eaten on the way home or they are following a strict diet plan. Unless the troubled folks open up about it, no one else may know that someone close to them is suffering from such a disorder.

Mindful eating is one technique to help us turn off the dieting mentality, learn to trust ourselves, and eat in attunement with our bodies. — Alexis Conason Psy.D.

How To Help Yourself?

Coffee is undoubtedly a common beverage that men and women prefer to have before the day begins. There have been researches conducted which present the possibility of prolonging the human life span and boosting mental health by consuming caffeinated drinks often. However, some studies have gathered as well that caffeine can generate disadvantageous results, such as an increase in indigestion and excretion of elements like magnesium and calcium, which make you more prone to having kidney stones. Due to such pros and cons, the producers have come up with a “coffee in a corn.”


What Is It?

The beverage is practically coffee that’s made out of corn kernels or grits. The manufacturers dry the latter before roasting and pulverizing them. Many people like to drink it as a replacement for the regular espressos that originate from coffee beans since it is already de-caffeinated. Meaning to say, you can consume it without being unable to sleep at night or increasing your risk of having high blood pressure.

Special Advantages Of Drinking Corn Coffee

Same Taste, Different Medicinal Values

Despite the publication of various news articles about the health hazards of always sipping regular coffee, a lot of consumers cannot purchase the alternative caffeinated beverages in fear of not getting the similar flavor that they are used to. The truth, however, is that corn coffee tastes no different from the ones made with the roasted coffee beans. Its preparation is the same as well, in the sense that you need to dissolve the ground form with hot water.

When it comes to medicinal values, on the other hand, the corn coffee can offer more advantages since it retains the nutrients and vitamins found in the crop. As mentioned earlier, it does not have caffeine; that’s why it does not have a high acidity level that regular coffees contain. It can also eliminate your digestive issues and provide enough energy in your system for hours.

Listening to your body and nourishing it with food and movement that you enjoy, will ultimately serve you much more than any diet ever will. — Jennifer Rollin MSW, LCSW-C

Great For Losing Weight

Individuals eat corn as a substitute for rice or bread when they are on a strict diet since one cob is enough to satisfy your hunger until the next meal. Although some may want to eat it with salad, you practically do not need to partner it with anything. You may steam or grill this cereal grain as well, depending on your mood.

When you drink a mug of corn coffee, therefore, you can also expect it to curb your hunger for more foods. Although it has to be thoroughly grilled before the beverage can be created, the fiber and the whole grains that the corn originally is made up of remains intact. These carbohydrates will prevent you from feeling hungry at once even if you only have had coffee.

Fighting our body’s natural weight and size may begin as an innocuous effort to increase self-esteem yet can quickly unravel to a serious and potentially life-threatening illness. — Jamie Long Psy.D.

Maintain Blood Sugar Level

In case you happen to have diabetes, it is ideal for you to drink coffee that has been generated from all-natural corn. Instant coffee mixes, you see, may have been formulated using synthetic sugar, which does nothing but raises a person’s blood sugar levels. The whole coffee beans may not be GMO-free either. Thus, those who have diabetes will be put in more danger because of it.

Meanwhile, corn is known for containing excessive amounts of polyphenols – the antioxidants that can shield folks from type 2 diabetes. Regardless if you eat it or drink it in coffee form, you may still be able to get these substances.


Choose to live longer. Start looking after your physical and mental health by drinking corn coffee today.