Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last Update: April 26, 2019

The primary purpose of this Privacy Policy is to let users know that has nothing but respect for the personally identifying information that you may choose to provide to us. We do not collect them as soon as you come to our site, but you ought to understand that we do not intend to disclose it to anyone, not even to third parties.

Personal Data We Collect And Use

This website collects personally identifying data such as first and last name and email address from users who wish to send us a message or comment on one of our blogs. We also monitor your internet protocol (IP) address, time and date of visits to our site, as well as the user agent that you utilize. All these information become handy when it comes to analyzing the performance of our blog posts online and understanding the areas that we still need to improve to provide a better user experience.


Our system sends cookies that get stored in your computer automatically whenever you visit this site. It is beyond our capability to stop this action no matter how much or how often you email us about it. What you can do is modify the Settings of your browser to block them or receive an alert every time any website wants to send cookies. Please be advised, though, that changing your cookie preferences may make some pages in our site inaccessible to you.


As mentioned above, we hold the trust that you give to us of utmost importance. Because of that, we aim to protect the personal information that you have provided by using commercially acceptable means to keep it safe from hackers.

Policy Change

Kindly be informed that our Privacy Policy may change anytime we see fit. It may not always be announced anywhere else on the site, but you can view the modifications on this page.

Contact Us

If there’s any question that you wish to relay to us regarding this Privacy Policy, you may go to